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la cité’s full website (in french)

- www.citebd.org

the services

find information on La Cité’s missions and its different components: museum, library, authors’ residence, cinemas, bookshop, technical multimedia support center...

discover and browse through the digital collections,

have access to the library and museum catalogue,

order comics, books and DVDs online,

rent spaces and exhibitions,

subscribe to La Cité’s newsletter

and download the monthly program.

the resources

the comics calendar exhibitions, festivals, auctions, comics related events,

the directories publishers, comics training sessions...

la Cité’s bookmarks by themes, selections of sites, news, comics in the world, education, interactive comics, mangas, auction sales...

la Cité’s selections : la Cité’s favourites selections to help librarians chose comics, readers’ selections...

the thematic files thematic links and bibliographical selection,

a lexicon to be familiar with the vocabulary of comics.

the authors and creation

discover the authors in residence, their works and publications, discover the grants and residences.

the author’s handbook:
to have access to information on the copyrights, useful links, bibliographic references, advice for the preservation of original artworks...