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la maison des auteurs

supporting creativity, encouraging exchanges

La maison des auteurs opened its doors in July 2002 in order to provide positive support to comics authors and animators working in Angoulême or who wish to spend time here as creators in residence. The residency is not available to students.

La maison des auteurs has been established with the following purposes in mind:
> we offer a working environment that encourages creativity, host authors with a view to completing a professional project,
> we act as a showcase for creative achievements in the fields of comics, animated films and multimedia, through exhibitions and events,
> we provide a center for technical and documentary resources,
> we host professional development workshops and exchanges,
> we help to protect the author’s status and to defend intellectual property rights in the field of artistic creation.

Since its inauguration, la maison des auteurs has hosted more than 300 creators, whether new talent or seasoned authors, coming from France and abroad: Nicolas de Crécy, Aude Samama, Jimmy Beaulieu from Quebec, the Americans Jessica Abel, Matt Madden, Richard McGuire, Ted Stearn and the Russian Nikolaï Maslov.

A committee, consisting of famous comics and animation artists, select authors on the basis of submitted dossiers. The authors, selected on the basis of projects submitted, are provided with a studio and, in some cases, with an apartment (individual or shared), for a period of between two months and a year. In this case, water, gas and electricity expenses are paid by the resident unless otherwise stated. Pets are neither admitted in studios nor in apartments.
Residents are also required to pay studio charges of 150 € a year (12.50 € per month).

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