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application for a residence

You are already involved in a professional activity, you want to finalize a graphic project whether multimedia or animation film, individual or collective, and apply for la maison des auteurs?

Please provide us with the following details:
- the information form (to download, see below).
- a curriculum vitae (or resume) with representative examples of your work to give the committee a fuller picture of your professional achievement,
- a cover letter with an explanation of what you intend to do, and why you would like to do it here at the Maison des Auteurs. Please also tell us why you would like to stay for the period of time you’re requesting in your application,
- a precise description of your project (8.000 characters maximum) and a summary of about ten lines, with graphic documents including, for comics projects, at least three finalized successive pages. For animation, the application must include a synopsis, a letter of intent, one or two sequences with scripts,and visual documentation of the film’s world and the characters.

Preferably the project proposal should be written in French (the project itself may be completed in any language).
Projects proposals in the English and Spanish languages are also accepted. However, proposals written in English or Spanish are due at least ten days before the deadline so that they can be translated for the committee. La Maison des Auteurs reserves the right to defer the consideration of such proposals to the next application deadline if the early submission deadline is not met.

The entire file must be sent in one single digital file (PDF) to maisondesauteurs@citebd.org
Deadlines for applications in French: 10th February, 10th June, 10th October.
Deadlines for applications in English or Spanish languages: 1st February, 1st June, 1st October.

The Selection board will assess the probability of the project being completed, its quality (substance and form) together with the interest and the innovation of the approach described.

The residency is not available to students.

For further information, please contact us at maisondesauteurs@citebd.org