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cultural and educational activities

guided visits

Groups or family tours of the museum or of temporary exhibitions offering further scientific and cultural details. Different topics are available: highlights on museum-related jobs, from the still to the animated image, graphic codes, autobiography, mangas, preparatory work, the press, the heroes, black and white, comics, the relation between authors, characters and heroes...

Every first Sunday of the month*, La Cité welcomes you to a free visit of the museum and exhibitions.

self-guided visits

Material is available to groups or individuals privileging a self-guided visit.
A fun tour brochure is available for a playful visit of the museum.
Exhibition handbooks for the young are available.
Videos, excerpts from authors’ interviews and movies are shown on screens and you can create your own comics with the help of the comics interactive terminal and its databank.
Analyses of boards on a large screen detail in depth the techniques, composition and codes specific to comics.

educational events for groups

Throughout the year, La Cité offers educational activities for groups based on topics related to comics, movies or animation. They are supervised by La Cité’s animators and by a professional comics author.
Different types of animation are proposed: guided visits, theoretical or graphic practice related workshops, loan of educational packages.

activities for all audiences

Throughout the year, various activities linked with La Cité’s programming are proposed.
The tea time cinema workshop during the school holidays
La Cité’s workshops on Saturdays
Workshop visits in relation to La Cité’s programming
Trainings with a comics or publishing related professional, to improve one’s knowledge or practice
- Find the details on all cultural and educational activities on the French website.

+33 5 45 38 65 65 or email

* except July and August