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the comics library

This European reference library houses major collections including comprehensive collections of French comics since 1984 and extensive ones for the previous period and the international production.
It also includes collections focussed on animated films, video games or caricature.
It pursues a threefold mission:

the patrimonial conservation fund

It gathers the most complete collection of Franco-Belgian productions and a wide sampling of international comics. To date it boasts 80,000 albums (French and foreign) and 133,000 issues representing 4,500 newspapers.

the comics documentation center

It constitutes and highlights a rich documentary stock on French and foreign comic books. It is open by appointment to researchers, academics, and students. A wide range of resource material is available on the French website.

the reading room and lending library

It offers a collection of over 43,000 albums, for adults and children, for reference use only or on loan.
Lending is free for children under 10. The library also welcomes children to workshops and proposes comics educational packages on loan for communities.

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