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angoulême and comics

Walking along the banks of the Charente up to the narrow streets of the historical centre, by the remarkable Saint-Pierre cathedral and the imposing townhall, once the castle of the Valois family, and the ramparts offering a view of the skyline will enable visitors to discover the soul of the town and the beauty of its preserved site.
Angoulême is not only an historical city, it is also an industrial and cultural metropolis housing a great number of authors, cartoon studios and various firms related to the world of visual arts.

With la Cité internationale de la bande dessinée et de l’image, the comics museum, the European School of Visual Arts offering a master’s degree in comics, the animation school, the national video games school, the Magelis centre which promotes visual arts in the département, Angoulême stands as the capital of comics and visual arts. Every year opens with the International Comics Festival. It is the worldwide reference for the greatest comics scenarists and cartoonists.
Visitors meet their favourite authors, discover new issues and young talents, exhibitions, drawing concerts, dedications, specific areas for authors and their works...
Visitors can make a tour of the twenty painted city walls. Drawings by Yslaire, Zep, Morris, Boucq, De Crécy, Cabanes... place comics at the heart of the city.

angoulême en balade

Sightseeing tour in the city.

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Comics, animation, cinema, festivals... all images are in Angoulême.